Why you should use MSA IP for patent advice

MSA IP’s patent department consists of highly qualified professionals, many of whom have first-hand experience in academic laboratories and strong backgrounds in industrial R&D departments.

Our team specialises in the following fields: pharmaceutical chemistry, industrial chemistry, agrochemical, nanomaterials, waste recycling, packaging – pasteurizing and preserving foods, and software protection (particularly in Europe and the US).

How the patenting process works

The first step is the preparation and submission of a patent application. This is examined and, if it satisfies the requirements for patenting, granted by the relevant patent office.

As part of the process, we evaluate the status and validity of third parties’ patent rights in order to advise on potential infringement risk and on the boundaries of freedom to operate. This requires patent-focused research to determine whether there is freedom to enter a specific market with a product of interest.

Based on this research, we deliver a written report that includes:

  • The outcomes of the search
  • Overall consideration of any potential issues
  • A ‘freedom to operate’ opinion based on analysis of the search results.

We can also assist clients in making a decision on whether to enter or expand into a market.

For Patent matters, contact Jelena Pribic and her team